VCORE is a new metaverse token that will be launching into one of the largest social and web3 metaverse in the world.

The VCORE token will launch into one of the world's largest social and web3 metaverses - IMVU. The IMVU metaverse has millions of monthly active users, a massive community-led economy and a fully integrated blockchain wallet and NFT platform. VCORE will enable holders to create, earn, play, own and shape the future of the metaverse.

VCORE will enable the metaverse community to truly thrive and participate in the future of the metaverse through digital ownership, governance, and on-platform contributions to building and creating experiences with digital assets. MetaJuice envisions that the VCORE token will be seamlessly integrated into the game and social play of the IMVU platform by tying into the NFT creation, sales, spending, engagement, discounts, voting and rewards process within the IMVU metaverse.

Note that VCORE is not available to persons in the United States or Canada.

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