Voting & Governance

The community cares about the metaverse because it is a place where they connect with friends, invest their time and money, build their online and digital lives, and where many consider home. That’s why it is important to give the community a stronger voice in how the metaverse is built, managed and shaped. The community will have a stronger voice for voting on decisions that are made that may impact the community and their ability to earn and thrive in the economy, transact and connect. VCORE will enable this deeper level of “governance” for the metaverse.
IMVU is not planning to implement a fully, 100% decentralized metaverse, but it will be the best of both worlds - a place where the community will have growing input, an increased voice, and a vote over the future of the metaverse through VCORE. Together, VCORE will empower the community to continue to shape the metaverse into a place where people can connect with their friends, spend time, and build their digital lives and livelihoods.
MetaJuice envisions that community members that hold VCORE could initially be able to vote on topics such as:
  • Product development priorities (e.g., features, functionality)
  • VCORE platform integration development (e.g., token usage on the platform)
  • Partnership priorities (e.g., favorite brands, influencers)
  • Charitable giving opportunities (i.e. specific funds or community-based charity events)
  • Other Proposals or Referendums
This process will be centered in transparency: votes and results to be shared publicly with the entire community.