Paying for services

There is an active service industry already taking place in IMVU where users pay other users through peer-to-peer payments. Some of these services might include hosting a party, running a nightclub, being a greeter for new users, or even tarot card readings. There is an equally as large service economy that extends off the platform as well. An example might include creators or users of the platform paying builders (developers/coders) to create a new room, space, buildings, vacation spot, and more. These builders do not have to be part of the IMVU experience or even have an avatar.
Currently, these service providers can be paid in VCOIN, non-valued game credits, or through high-friction off platform payment services.
VCORE allows a seamless way for these on and off-platform services to be paid, earned or purchased. VCORE will provide an easy and frictionless peer-to-peer payment for services rendered.