Related Platforms

Metajuice has partnered with some of the top brands and companies within the crypto and web3 space. These partners deliver the tech, NFTs, platforms and communities that will be leveraged to make VCORE as available, useful and as seamlessly integrated as possible.
ImmutableX: a blockchain infrastructure provider that transforms digital asset ownership in the video-gaming industry with zero gas fees for in-game transactions. The MetaJuice team has integrated Immutable X into its platform to enable seamless NFT minting, sales and ownership.
Uphold: a comprehensive blockchain infrastructure platform that provides the core of the MetaJuice metaverse platform for custodial wallets. Uphold was integrated in 2019 and early 2020 to enable the global use of VCOIN. And, most recently was built out to enable NFT ownership. Uphold will be the custodial wallet solution for VCORE as well.
Web3 and blockchain technologies are evolving every day. As new technologies are developed, our team will continue to research and seek relationships with the best partners and platforms in the space to ensure the security and increased capability of users' assets with VCORE both within and outside the metaverse.