NFTs : Buying and Selling

NFTs have been seamlessly integrated into the IMVU platform since November of 2022. With the integration of VCORE on-platform, users will be able to mint, purchase, and sell NFTs with VCORE. Eventually, MetaJuice anticipates that payment for selling NFTs will be paid out in VCORE.
NFTs bring new and exciting benefits to the IMVU community. For the first time, MetaJuice seeks to enable users to:
  • Create and mint exclusive items (one of a kind or 1-of-1 NFTs)
  • Create and mint limited run items (1 of n)
  • Manage their inventory of items
  • Resell NFT items on a secondary market
  • Earn VCORE for their NFT sales
  • Earn creator royalties in VCORE with the resell of items they created
Users on IMVU can trade these assets directly within the IMVU metaverse. And, unlike other platforms that have high gas fees, trades within IMVU will have zero-gas fees.
Future NFT functionality we are reviewing include potential features such as renting NFTs, which will be exclusively done through using VCORE.