History of IMVU

IMVU is the world’s largest web3 social metaverse platform, and has been online building its community since 2004, with over 350 million account registrations over its lifetime.
Unlike most web3 and blockchain metaverses, IMVU is live on mobile (Apple and Android) devices, has downloadable applications for desktop (PCs and Macs), and is accessible on web. IMVU is a global Top-10 grossing social app, and currently has more than 700,000 daily active users with over 200,000 active creators and earners on the platform. Underpinning this social metaverse is a high-velocity, comprehensive economy led by its global community of users.
Each month over 10 billion IMVU virtual credits and assets exchange hands in over 20 million transactions - and now this web2 economy has been converted to web3. Users buy and gift virtual currency and digital goods on a daily basis, and every month creators introduce thousands of new digital items into the IMVU marketplace. These transactions, goods and digital currencies are migrating to the blockchain in what can become one of the largest web3 metaverse economies in the world.