Token categories and distribution

VCORE is an ERC-20 token minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. It has a fixed maximum supply of 8 billion tokens.
Community and ecosystem development
30% of the VCORE token supply will be allocated for community development and rewarding our ecosystem of creators, builders, developers and users. VCORE will also be used in select partnerships that drive the overall vision forward, support interoperability and/or grow the overall metaverse. Tokens in the Community & Ecosystem category are allocated to move the entire community and metaverse forward.
Presale & Public Buyers
14.8% of the VCORE tokens are reserved for presale and public sale buyers of VCORE who believed in the vision of crypto-enabling the largest social metaverse platform and converting from a web2 model to a leading player in the web3 metaverse. VCORE, sold in two presales (one in 2021 and one in 2022), will be sold on to the public in 2023. All presales are subject to a minimum one year lock-up
  • Private sale round 1 (8% of total supply) - November 2021
    • 648,000,000 VCORE tokens sold for $0.00625 per token
  • Private sale round 2 (1.35% of token supply) - October 2022
    • 134,933,333 VCORE tokens sold for $0.01875 per token
Core contributors
18% of the VCORE token supply is reserved for the team, advisors and partners that have worked tirelessly to bring the vision of the open metaverse to reality and/or bring strategic/market value that leads to the achievement of our vision.
As of January 1, 2023, 60% of the 18% has been allocated for these core contributors; roughly more than 100 team members have the ability to earn these allocated grants. These token grants come with a one year cliff and a total of four years of vesting.
Liquidity provisioning
1% of token supply has been reserved for market making
25% of the VCORE tokens will be used to deliver future operations, programs, partnerships and projects. These tokens could also be allocated back into the community, ecosystem, partnerships, etc. This allocation enables flexibility in the use and deployment of VCORE.
11.2% of the tokens are reserved as a reserve supply for supporting liquidity and future growth programs. Somewhat like the treasury allocation the reserve category gives the metaverse team ultimate flexibility in the future deployment of VCORE. This category of tokens would grow if less tokens are sold in the public offering.