Interoperability & the open metaverse

MetaJuice believes in interoperability and building a true, open metaverse across platforms. The ability to seamlessly transact or move assets freely from one world to another is key to maximizing the future metaverse potential and its massive economy.
As an ERC-20 token, VCORE will have deep utility in the IMVU platform and can be exchanged between users off the platform as well. In addition, our technical integration with the Immutable X NFT platform will eventually allow our creators to mint on our platform.
MetaJuice is also actively engaged with the wider web3 community and platforms on the ability to transfer avatars, digital items (NFTs), and other crypto assets across disparate parts of the web3 ecosystem. Some of these communities and platforms include the Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA), the Open Metaverse Alliance and more.
As a global community, MetaJuice is adamant in taking these initial, forward-thinking steps to foster true interoperability between users, platforms and virtual worlds.