MetaJuice & VCORE

MetaJuice was created to “unlock the value of the metaverse”. MetaJuice has been helping transition IMVU from being one of the largest social web2 metaverses to being one of the largest web3 social metaverses and economies in the world.
MetaJuice, like IMVU, is owned by Together Labs - a Silicon Valley metaverse pioneer. The relationship with Together Labs and IMVU are an important part of MetaJuice’s strategy and VCORE’s future success. Launching VCORE into an existing global metaverse with a massive virtual economy means that there will be immediate utility and use for VCORE.
MetaJuice is focused on bringing blockchain driven assets to market that enable the metaverse to be “unlocked” for the community and the IMVU metaverse economy.
Prior to the launch of VCORE, MetaJuice successfully launched a fixed price token in 2021 - VCOIN. This token enables peer-to-peer transactions both on and off the IMVU platform. To date, VCOIN has driven the adoption of over 1 Million crypto wallets within the IMVU metaverse.
MetaJuice also launched a fully-integrated NFT Marketplace which frequently appears in the Top-10 Collectible NFT category on Dapraddar. This NFT integration gave users on mobile devices, desktop apps and the web the ability to purchase, own, and resell digital items in the metaverse as NFTs.
VCORE is the newest metaverse token from MetaJuice that will launch in the IMVU community and economy in 2023. MetaJuice envisions that VCORE will unlock even more on-platform rewards for users, expand the existing digital economy on IMVU, and empower the community to participate in the future of the IMVU metaverse.