The community is the heart of any metaverse, and this is certainly the case in IMVU. The IMVU metaverse community is made up of four user bases: (1) the creators that design, create and sell their digital items (now NFTs) through marketplaces; (2) the service providers or producers that create, host, and offer unique metaverse experiences for the community to enjoy; (3) the spenders that drive revenues and assets to the metaverse; and (4) the core users that engage with everything the metaverse has to offer. Altogether, these groups create a comprehensive metaverse economy and will be rewarded for their contribution within the metaverse ecosystem through VCORE rewards.
We will be continually talking with our community about the products, features and benefits they want from VCORE and will update accordingly. Subject to eligibility determinations, some initially planned rewards include:
  • Creator Rewards - those that have been designing, crafting and selling digital items via the IMVU Marketplace.
  • Producer Rewards - those that design, build and then run/manage the experiences that users enjoy: nightclubs, beach settings, penthouses, cities, and more.
  • Engagement Rewards - rewards tied to the amount and recency of usage/engagement with the IMVU platform across games, NFTs, activities, and user-to-user engagement.
  • Social Rewards - earning VCORE for making friends or bringing in new Creators, or friends into IMVU or the VCORE community
  • Loyalty Rewards - rewards tied to consistent, prolonged activity in the IMVU ecosystem. Membership has its rewards for the metaverse/IMVU community.
  • Spender Rewards - rewarding those that have been spending with other community members, on digital items and across the IMVU metaverse.
  • VIP Member Awards - rewarding those that have monthly or annual memberships to the IMVU VIP program. A status for some of IMVU’s most valuable users.
  • NFT Awards - for those selling, purchasing and engaging with NFTs minted and sold on the IMVU platform.
Please refer to the VCORE Roadmap for more information.