Creator & Earner payments

There are more than 200,000 active global creators and earners across the IMVU community. These creators are a community that have designed, crafted, and placed more than 60,000,000 virtual goods in the IMVU marketplace. They design and build all of the clothes, furniture, accessories, and other items that enable users to create their special looks and spaces within the metaverse. And, just as in real life, these creators have well-known brands and collections within IMVU and can hire models from virtual modeling agencies within IMVU to showcase their unique digital creations.
These creators are already earning real-world money through the existing royalty system on IMVU. Since 2015, creators have earned more than $50,000,000 from selling their virtual goods in IMVU. It is this massive economy that is being “activated” with NFTs and will drive VCORE and the web3 metaverse forward.
MetaJuice envisions that, subject to eligibility restrictions, creators and earners outside of the United States and Canada will have the option to be paid out in VCORE. These creators and earners will continue to have a source of income while also enjoying the on-platform benefits for VCORE holders.