Powering the Metaverse

VCORE is a comprehensive ERC-20 token designed for the metaverse economy and to empower the metaverse community. The VCORE token will be integrated into the economy, community engagement and governance of the IMVU metaverse. VCORE will empower the IMVU community to help shape the virtual world and build a place where everyone can create, earn, own, shape, and be part of its future.
VCORE Economy - VCORE will be integrated into the IMVU NFT ecosystem (e.g. minting, purchasing, selling, etc.) and become a key asset for non-US users (e.g. paying out earners and creators). Over time, VCORE will be carefully integrated into what will be the next-generation virtual economy
Engagement - VCORE will be woven into the gameplay and social experiences of the IMVU ecosystem. As an example, it is planned to provide holders of VCORE on the IMVU platform to effectively earn IMVU VIP status and/or an IMVU Access Pass.
Governance - holders of VCORE will have a special voice in the future of the metaverse with the ability to vote on decisions that deliver the direction of the metaverse. Holders of VCORE will be given a voice on the future of our metaverse and the future of the economy of the metaverse such as the type of IRL events, influencer & brand partnerships, quests and more. This voice will give holders meaningful participation in the future.
VCORE was intended to unlock value across the entire metaverse ecosystem. To achieve this the MetaJuice and VCORE teams are also believers in the importance of interoperability and in building a true, open metaverse. The ability to seamlessly integrate or move assets from one world to another is key to maximizing the future potential of the metaverse economy.