VCORE Roadmap

The roadmap below illustrates the MetaJuice vision of how VCORE features, use cases, and reach may be built out. The features and functionalities below prioritize the community, seeking to give them immediate access to the benefits of VCORE. This will enable holders to buy, sell, and mint NFTs on-platform with in-game capabilities first. Rewards, voting and governance will come as the VCORE holder community grows.
NOTE: The associated timeline is made to the best of the MetaJuice and VCORE team’s ability and resources today for estimated deliverability. As with any technological development, we recognize this roadmap could be impacted by resource changes, market challenges, community feedback and reprioritization. We will endeavor to post regular updates on product developments and partnerships as well as gather constant feedback from our community through the VCORE by MetaJuice Discord server and will update the VCORE Whitepaper accordingly.